This project is a joint effort started in early March by Carnegie Mellon University and New York University student researchers. Our effort aims to provide a set of comprehensive map visualizations of the COVID-19 outbreak from cumulative cases to cases per square mile.

• Jason Zhu — Project Lead (Carnegie Mellon University)
• Justin Chen — Lead Developer (New York University)
• Miranda Luong — Design & Research (Carnegie Mellon University)
Dr. Thomas Glass — Scientific Advisor (Fmr. Johns Hopkins, Harvard, and Yale)

Popular Mechanics
Towards Data Science (Medium)
Carnegie Mellon University
Carnegie Mellon University Design
New York University CS
Pittsburgh Current

This map has been sponsored by the Mapbox Community Team. Working with Mapbox has been a tremendous experience thus far and we hope to continue to lean on them for support moving forward.

Updated maps are pushed periodically and data is being updated about twice daily. To learn more and get updates follow our ongoing Medium Post. All data used to create this map are collected from public sources including government reports and news reports. As of March 27th, our data is being pulled from The New York Times public repository. Documentation can be provided upon request for academic purposes.

If you'd like to get in touch, please contact me at jlzhu@andrew.cmu.edu.